Effective Treatment inspired by Nature

Treat hemorrhoid and do not just numb them!

Meet Pilefixx

Provides relief and a soothing sensation from multiple anal discomforts.


It is a natural ointment made of organic ingredients and herbal extracts


The ointment is suitable for multiple anal discomforts.


The ointment calms the anal discomfort by softening, relieving and disinfecting the area


The ointment contains almond oil, chamomile extracts, pomegranate oils, aloe vera and more, which all contribute to the soothing nature of the ointment.

Hygienic and texture

The cream leaves the skin clean, it does not stain the clothes and does not have a sticky feel to it.

How does its work?

Pilefixx calms, relieves and soothes the swollen and affected area by using ingredients that naturally help and intend to reduce pressure and swelling off the anal area, helping soothe the skin and restoring the affected area to its natural comfortable state.

Provides effective relief and relaxation

Soothes the affected area

Provides relief for multiple anal irritations

Soothing the anal area

Latest Reviewes

Quick relief from multiple symptoms, no side effects, easy to apply and absorbs quickly, does not stain or stick to clothes, provides effective relief and a soothing effect to the targeted area and is convenient for home use.

Pilefixx is a natural pain-reliever and provides relief from various hemorrhoid symptoms, it has a natural soothing effect and gets rid of itchy and uncomfortable feelings.

Almond oil, arnica seed extract, calendula flower oil, Shea butter, chamomile, lavender oil, aloe Vera extract, pomegranate extract, Alopia oil.

8 minutes after application, you can already feel the relief.


For fast and effective treatment that's inspired by nature